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Masa (Dough) - Masa

Masa (1 Lb.)

1 Lb. of Mexican Corn Masa, also known as "Nixtamal" is like a culinary alchemist's dream come true, a magical ingredient that transforms simple corn into a flavorful and versatile delight. The process of creating Masa involves soaking the dried corn in an alkaline solution, such as lime water, which helps to soften the corn and make it more easily digestible. The soaked corn is then ground into a fine, smooth dough that can be used to make a wide variety of dishes, such as tortillas, tamales, sopes and huaraches. The result is a dough that is both satisfying and nutritious, with a delicate sweet-corn flavor and a slightly nutty taste. It's a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine, used to make traditional dishes and it's an essential part of Mexican heritage and culture, a testament of the ancient wisdom of Mesoamerican civilizations.

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