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A variety of Organic Corn Homemade Tortillas Made for the Soul

Corn is the base, it is the foundation, it is the heart of Mexican food and that of our cuisine as well. We believe that the culture of the gastronomy of our country is on your palate and that is why the composition of our restaurant is unique and offers you a very well prepared organic ingredient as our ancestors did so that you can find an exquisite flavor in our dishes and savor the freshness of our variety of corn without losing the original way in which it is prepared. Here in our kitchen with love and dedication, we invite you to taste our dishes prepared with the best organic corn that our Mexico offers.

 Flavor, and Authentic Mexican Food. 

The benefits of a delicious organic Tortilla are simply unique. non-GMO, No Gluten, made with 100% Organic whole grain with our red, blue, yellow corn it can only be served with the best-marinaded meats, and Mexican stews for the best Tacos,Pozole, and authentic homemade Tamales, from our kitchen to your table, from our restaurant family to yours we welcome you to enjoy the best Mexican taste and atmosphere.

Taco Asada White CornTortilla
Taco al Pastor Blue Corn Tortilla

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